Regular offer

All products are from our quarry Povir and natural stone Repen Povir, which is an ideal solution for interior and exterior surfaces.

We offer a variety of natural stone treatments – pointed, brushed, grooved, hand-carved round, bounced stone, ground or polished Repen Povir, machine-carved karst stone.

Laying stone, stone floors various thicknesses and sizes: cut, ground, polished floor, stucco floor with straight or reflected edges, scraped or fired floor. For covered rooms, we offer the sale of class II pressure, which belongs to the lower price class.

Stone for cladding – we offer various stone claddings: stone facade, bunja (width: 12 or 15 cm), floor wall cladding (plinth), crushed stone as a decorative element. Surfaces of stone wall coverings can be sawn, sanded, polished, chipped with straight or reflected edges, chipped – brushed with straight or reflected edges, reflected, pointed or scraped.

Masonry stone – we offer three forms of masonry stones:

  • broken – suitable for masonry of all types of walls
  • cuttings suitable for masonry of stone columns or walls from more regular segments,
  • stones for retaining walls, embankments and embankments.

Stone products to order – we produce all types of stone products according to the customer’s wishes.

Tombstones – for more detailed information send us an inquiry.

Stone stairs – we can make massive or clad stairs of various thicknesses, sizes, shapes and finishes (sawn, sanded, polished, machine or hand-carved, bar-brushed, scraped, hand-pointed, bounced).

Stone troughs – we can make various stone funnels and troughs that are suitable for interior or exterior surfaces in various finishes. Examples of troughs: round, semicircular, square, with or without drainer.

Stone portals and entrances – one of the most important elements that will breathe soul into your home or building. At Kamnoseštvo Tavčar we are real experts for them, but since each one is unique, we ask you to send a message with your wishes.

Stone shelves – We make shelves and cover plates of various shapes, thicknesses and finishes (sawn, sanded, polished, stuccoed, brushed). The front and other side visible parts of the shelves can be flat with picked edges, rounded or bounced, and are also available in various finishes.