About the quarry

In 1991, the Tavčar family took over the 200-year-old Debela griža quarry, which, after many years of solitude, resumed active cultivation of limestone. The Povir quarry lies at an altitude of about 400 meters and plunges into the northern slope of Šprinčev hrib. It is the most southeastern place, where limestone was mined on a larger scale in the past and is still considered the largest quarry in the area. In terms of its size and the amount of limestone blocks obtained, it is considered a medium-sized quarry.

At the Povir quarry, we are known for extracting blocks in the classic way on high floors. The yield of blocks is low, except in the central part where it is medium-high. The slope is quite steep, so the quarry has the shape of a side cut that goes down into the cave. In the Povir quarry, we mainly produce a light version of Repen limestone, but we also dig up dark version, which we use mainly for massive products. Due to the production in our own quarry, we can ensure fast delivery and larger quantities of our unique stone Repen Povir, which is processed by hand and machine.