Gift program

Prosciutto cutting stand

Dimensions: 53x32x15cm
Processing: Brushed stone
Price: 140€ + VAT
Purpose: Cutting prosciutto, very practical for attachment.

Ellipse-shaped stone plate

Mere: 40x25x3
Obdelava: ground
Cena: 75€ + VAT
Namen: fruit, dried meats, small desserts

Round stone tray

Mere: diameter 33cm, thickness 1cm
Obdelava: Burnt and brushed, possibility of ground processing
Cena: 35€ + VAT
Namen: cakes, cold cuts, to set aside a boiling dish…

Stone cake stand

Mere: Diameter 33cm, height 6cm
Obdelava: 2 possible treatments – sanded or fired brush
Cena: 70€ + VAT

Soap dish

Mere: 14x8x1cm
Obdelava: ground
Cena: 15€ + VAT


Mere: 14×9
Cena: 150€ + VAT
Namen: For crushing spices, preparing pesto, spicy sauces


Mere: 7.5 cm, thickness 1 cm
Obdelava: Burnt and brushed
Cena: 5 € / pc + VAT

Tealight holder

Mere: 47x12x2
Obdelava: Planed
Cena: 35€ + VAT