About family

The family business tells the story of the Tavčar family and their love for karst stone. Father Janko, a mechanical technician by training, decided in 1991 to take over the abandoned, 200-year-old Debela griža quarry in Povirje and start working with stone. Mother Marija, a graduated engineer, joined her husband’s initiative without hesitation and together they founded the company Kamnoseštvo Tavčar. The children, daughter Nika and son Miha, shared the love for stone, construction and architecture from the begining. Nika successfully completed study of architecture, while Miha graduaded from mining and geotechnology. With this knowledge, they ensured a successful business path and growth of the family business. 

Miha, who always nurtured his love for horses and became the world champion in the two-team marathon ride with his Lipizzaners, also took on the role of the company’s director. Since then, together with his sister Nika and loyal team of stonemasons, they have been spreading the word about the unique natural stone Repen Povir and its products around the world. The stone of world champions.

Meet us

Janko Tavčar, founder and owner of the company

After countless walks past the abandoned Debela griža quarry, where I observed this beautiful natural stone, I decided to take over the quarry. It was the year 1994. I used my knowledge of mechanical engineering in processing and designing the unique Repen Povir stone and founded the company Kamnoseštvo Tavčar.

Marija Tavčar, procurator, engineer

As a graduated engineer, the story of karst stone was immediately close to me. I am glad that my husband and I embarked on the story of working with this beautiful stone 35 years ago. Since then we have already beautified so many homes, gardens, important buildings and corners of cities, and above all I am proud that we passed the love for it to our children.

Nika Tavčar, procurator, architect

The love for stone, architecture and construction was already passed on to me in my cradle and I was always proud of my hometown and the family business founded by my parents. Co-creating a story, making important decisions and caring for the successful development and growth of a family business are my daily routines and I am grateful to be able to do what makes me truly happy.

Miha Tavčar, CEO, mining and geotechnology engineer

Coexistence with karst nature, a long family tradition and the constant development in processing our stone Repen Povir are main reasons, why I wake up in a good mood every morning. We look forward to each new project as if it were the first, and we are happy to work with clients to satisfy each client as it is the only one.