Kamen Repen Povir

The Repen Povir stone is the fruit of hardy karst soils, born millions of years ago in the Cretaceous period and is therefore considered one of the oldest limestones. His birthplace is a small Karst village Povir, and due to its repen structure and location, geologists named it “Kamen Repen Povir”. In addition to its immense beauty, it is also distinguished by many unique physico-chemical properties: the stone does not absorb water, due to its structure can be beautifully shaped, the polished surface can retain its shine for a long time. Due to its resistance to cold and heat (from -50˙C to + 50˙C), it is the perfect choice for outdoor products.

Stone Repen Povir is a great choice for stone stairs, hand-machined shelves and edging, which will attract your pool to the enviable view of your neighbor, and the stone path in your garden will remind you of the blossoming aromatic gardens of Tuscany or Provence. Due to the production in our own quarry Povir, we can guarantee you fast delivery and larger quantities. We offer a wide range of large products – stone blocks, large stones for strengthening banks and retaining walls, crushed stone for masonry, stones of various sizes for stone floors, facade cladding, stone erte, columns and consoles, stone wells and small products for decorating your home or a unique gift.

Manual stone processing

We want excellency of each product, so we tackle each new order with design preparation. We mainly process products by hand – stone tables and containers, benches, fountains, windows and door frames (erte), stone portals, columns, consoles and shelves, stairs, interior floors, stone slats and processed stones for wall cladding (bunje).

Stone machining

Because our Repen Povir stone boasts exceptional durability, the machining of products for outdoor use is very diverse.

Due to our own production in the quarry, you can also find sawn stone in the form of larger slabs or blocks, which you can then process into the desired shape if you wish. We offer a wide range of roughly crushed stone for strengthening embankments and retaining walls, training riverbeds and watercourses. Our crushed stone is suitable for building Karst walls. Serial or custom stone floors for indoor or outdoor use can also be treated differently (sanded, plastered, brushed, scraped, pointed, fired or sawn). On request, we can also process the edges of all stone cladding, wall and facade cladding (bunje), which are considered to be our oldest product.