About the location

Karst. A rich and diverse world, which was created over the centuries by pure nature. Due to the help of underground waters and the winds, it is unique and makes it impossible to find it anywhere else in the world. It is the home of karst stone, wich has thousands of different forms and tells countless different stories; graceful but temperamental Lipizzaners, who freely discover flowering Karst meadows; and warm and smiling people who are cordially connected to the Kartsreagion and reminiscent of the sun. In the Karst, the karst stone accompanies you at every step. It is rooted in the soul of the region and it’s people. It tells thousands of stories and inspires in thousands of forms.

You can find karst stone in the narrow cobbled streets of small karst villages where the rays of the summer sun play, in the walls that hide mysterious gardens, in abandoned karst bays of wild grasses, in the wells in which karst waters flow and in homes where you can smell Teran and prosciutto and hear the laughter of the locals. In the Tavčar stonemasonry we spend our days in the company of one of the oldest limestones, the Repen Povir stone, a unique stone that is at home only in our small Karst village Povir.

Welcome to the Karst. Welcome to Povir.